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Duration of the programme

The programme lasts for 4 years (8 semesters including one devoted to seagoing service). The whole programme is delivered in Polish language.


As a part of this field of study, the following specialisations are available beginning from the 4th semester:

  • Maritime Transport,
  • Marine Traffic Engineering,
  • Hydrographic Survey and Aids to Navigation,
  • Marine Salvage and Rescue,
  • Operation of Offshore Vessels,
  • Maritime and Inland Water Transport,
  • Offshore Cruising

Graduate profile

Graduates of this programme are awarded the Polish degree of inżynier (corresponding to Bachelor of Science). They are prepared to work as deck officers on sea and inland water vessels, in enterprises involved in international shipping. They may be employed by highly specialised services and merchant fleet, fishing fleet, passenger ships, offshore vessels securing oil fields, oil drilling and production platforms, modern specialised, hydrographic and research vessels. They may also join on-shore operation and technical services, maritime administration, classification institutions and SAR services.

Maritime studies

Maritime studies are an attractive option for anyone interested in seas and oceans. Especially taking into account fact that work in this area is well paid and new people are still needed also according to some data, 90% of world trade takes place by ship. But before going to sea or finding employment in one of the companies located on land the candidate will have to learn hard and pass many exams. Marine studies in Maritime University of Szczecin will allow you to participate in many interesting scientific activities and will give you the opportunity to make new friends and follow your passions.