Duration of the programme

The program lasts for 3.5 years (7 semesters) and is offered as full time (on site) or weekend (extramural) studies.

Description of the programme

Management is the latest offer from the Faculty of Transport Engineering and Economics. It is the first bachelor course at the Maritime University of Szczecin. Its graduates will not only gain knowledge in the field of management, but also discover that whereas everyone can be a millionaire, not everyone becomes one. Participation in classes taught by practitioners will allow you to work in middle and senior management positions in the region, Poland and worldwide in the maritime sector, but also those related to security and new technologies. Extended English classes will pave the way for rapid promotion and career development. This is a very comprehensive course of study.

"The School of Managers" is offered both to high school graduates with no experience and to those who, having already had professional experience, would like to develop further and complete an additional course. There are three specializations offered in this course:

  • Organisation and Management in Maritime Economy,
  • Human Resource Management,
  • Organisation Safety Management.
The first of the specializations will enable, among other things, the acquisition of knowledge in the field of marketing, market research, accounting and economic analysis, and also will give the opportunity to broaden your knowledge of English with a specialized industry-related vocabulary. Students will learn how to run a business on their own and create business plans and marketing strategies, as well as learn the secrets of effective communication and negotiation. The second specialization is dedicated to those who would like to acquire knowledge in marketing, but above all in strategic and quality management. The third specialization concerns the extremely important aspects of the functioning of companies and institutions: security of resources, data and information.

Reasons to choose this programme

  • Modern training and laboratory facilities
  • Original curricula, developed in response to market needs
  • Close cooperation between the university and businesses
  • Internships and training programmes in interesting companies
  • Learning professional English, the knowledge of which will be confirmed by an appropriate certificate!

Potential employers

  • Transport, Forwarding and Logistics sector companies
  • Local government units (municipalities, counties) and central offices
  • Information management companies