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Learn Polish!

For those who want to study in Poland in Polish language, Maritime University of Szczecin offers a short summer course of the Polish language that lasts one month (140 hours). This course is dedicated only to candidates to our University whose Polish language proficiency is at minimum A1 level. It is an intensive course which supports individual learning towards a B1 exam. Intensive classes are scheduled on average 5 days a week for 6 hours a day.

Summer course of the Polish language


  1. classes: 140 hours (1 hour lesson = 45 minutes)
  2. time: 21 August - 22 September 2023
  3. format: classroom course in Szczecin or online course (optional)
  4. price: PLN 1800 - online course  |  PLN 1800 - classroom course
  5. level: mandatory entry level  at least  A1,  expected output level A2/B1



The course is dedicated only to persons admitted to the Maritime University of Szczecin as first year students. It is an excellent opportunity to meet new fellow students.

The course consists of 140 hours of classes over the period of one month. According to the Polish education system, each class hour lasts for 45 minutesClasses are held from Monday to Friday, 6 hours a day on average.

The curriculum includes Polish grammar and vocabulary, classes dedicated to developing spoken and written communication skills as well as listening and reading. The course also includes vocabulary related to marine profession, transport, logistics, and exact sciences, such as maths and physics. Classes are taught by qualified and experienced teachers.


The total cost of the course is PLN 1800 . The price includes costs of teaching materials.


A conditionally admitted student who would like to take a Polish language course should complete the following steps:

  1. Fill in the application form - available on this website
  2. Pay the required amount to the account provided in the email about conditional admission to studies. The course fee is due prior to the start of the course.


The proposed course is meant as supplementary aid to students’ autonomous language learning and does not prepare the participants to a B1 exam (it only brings them to A2/B1 level). Therefore, we encourage all participants to study Polish language independently – to invest in a good dictionary, watch Polish movies, or listen to Polish music.


The exam is obligatory for all international students who did not submit a state certificate confirming their knowledge of the Polish language (we informe about such necessity in the admission decision).

The exam (writing and speaking) will be held on September 25 and 26, 2023The retake exam will be carried out between October 16 and 20, 2023.