Learn Polish!

Our offer comprises three options of Polish language courses. They differ in the number of hours, participants’ starting level, and price.

ONE-YEAR COURSE - lasts for the whole academic year, i.e. 9 months (900 hours) and is dedicated to beginners.

ONE-SEMESTER COURSE - lasts for a semester, i.e. 4 months (450 hours), and is dedicated to A2 learners, i.e. those who have mastered fundamentals of Polish.

Both courses end with an exam to validate newly acquired language skills of the participants. Please remember that most universities in Poland require from their international candidates Polish language fluency at minimum B2 level. However, these courses are opened not only to future students, but to everyone interested in learning Polish language.

SUMMER COURSE lasts one month (140 hours) and is dedicated only to candidates to our University whose Polish language proficiency is at minimum A2 level. It is an intensive course which supports individual learning towards a B2 exam. Intensive classes take place from Monday to Friday; on Saturdays the participants take sightseeing tours around the city with the teacher.


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Phone no.:

EN: +48 91 48 09 830 – Magda
RU: +48 91 48 09 817 – Julia
ES: +48 91 48 09 345 – Ewa
DE: +48 91 48 09 505 – Magda

Study in Poland in Polish language!