Cooperation with recruiting agents

Maritime University of Szczecin is currently cooperating with two agents, ie. "The Consulting Company TerAssa" represented by Ms. Natalia Terekhova, and UniverPL, both of which recruit students from Ukraine.

Any international student who wants to study at the Maritime University of Szczecin can choose to prepare the required application documents by himself / herself, using the instructions available at the tab Applying STEP BY STEP, or to use the services of an agent.

Please be extra careful whenever a recruitment agent says that he/she guarantees that you will be admitted to our University or that you will be exempted from tuition fees. This is not true and such fraudulent promises are in fact a criminal offence.

The Maritime University of Szczecin does not, in any respect, favour any candidates who use the services of specific agencies or language schools dealing with recruitment.

Our University is a public institution, supervised by the State, and all our activities are strictly based on Polish law. Similarly, the admissions process is governed by Polish legal provisions as well as  our internal recruitment regulations – the provisions, rules and regulations are transparent and available to all candidates. A candidate can only be admitted to our University if he or she meets the criteria defined by the law /admissions regulations and if there are still places available within admission limits.