MECHANICAL ENGINEERING - programme delivered in English

The studies last 1,5 years (3 semesters). One specialisation is available within this programme:

A graduate of this field of study is awarded the degree of magister inżynier (corresponding to Master of Engineering). The person may perform the function of an officer in the marine vessel engineering department or may be employed in a repair shipyard as well as in maintenance departments of enterprises such as: electrical power and heating plants, paper factories, steelworks, ports, sewage treatment plants and pump stations. Employment is also possible in electrical power generation, transfer and distribution facilities as well as in renewable energy, on-shore and off-shore wind farm operation enterprises, electrical device production plants, power plants as well as electrical power and heating plants, manufacturers of supporting constructions, fixture, insulation devices and systems.

The profile of the programme is entirely academic and it designed to prepare students to pursue further study or take up research/teaching university career. The programme does not offer any professional seafaring licences.

Special programme for seafarers - If you are a seafarer working at sea but with not enough time to follow regular MSc studies then you can take our part-time MSc studies in Mechanical Engineering. They are delivered Monday-Saturday for 10 consecutive weeks with the rest of the year being free for you to continue your career. Check the tuition fee here as it is different than for the full-time programme. The documents required for the part-time MSc study programme in Mechanical Engineering are the same as for the full-time study programme.